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Certified Training Program-CESGL®

CESGL® is a professional designation awarded by Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) to signify that a professional possesses the competence and leadership to establish the ESG management system, auditing and reporting.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) refers to the three main areas of concern by the investors as the major factors in measuring the sustainable financial return of an investment in a business. Nowadays, more and more stock exchanges are requiring ESG reporting to promote sustainability. However, there is a need for the development, implementation and maintenance of an ESG management system for improving the sustainable performance, rather than merely ESG reporting.

ESG Management System

An effective ESG management system provides the ESG policy, procedures and documents needed to manage the processes towards the realisation of sustainable financial return.

Having customised its online training material to meet the huge market demand for ESG professionals worldwide, SERA is proud to announce its unique online training program in ESG management system, auditing and reporting. After successfully completing the online training program and assessment, the participants will be awarded the CESGL® designation for all professional purposes.

What is CESGL® ?


Dr. Bernard Cheng

Dr. Cheng has over 18 years of international business experience in corporate sustainability, working in Integrated Resorts, golf resorts, telecommunication, energy, education, public sector and retail sector as well as in NGO. He has developed sustainability management systems, set strategies, designed and implemented numerous sustainability projects and campaigns. His experience includes ISO 14064, ISO 50001, ISO140001 and ISO 9001 systems.


Among his experience, he has prepared award-winning GRI sustainability report, managed Green Office programmes, developed and taught numerous sustainability courses to the industry as well as to eMBAs as well as helping organisations to score for sustainability awards.